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πŸŒ‘ I created this tumblr in 2013 with one goal in mind; to change the world. I believe healthier is happier. I'm trying to accomplish this in two ways; by connecting personal tumblrs to the fitblr community, and by trying to provide dependable inspiration to this community.
πŸŒ‘ As humans, we naturally strive for progress. We like to see ourselves improve and become closer to what we imagine will make us happy. But most of these "goals" won't actually make us happy. We just imagine they will because we see people who are very happy reaching for them. It's all about that reach. The challenge. Goals don't make us happy, progress does.
πŸŒ‘ The first mistake we make is setting our goals too low. What happens once we reach them? We get lost. We lose interest or motivation. Our progress stops and our happiness dissolves. Always set your goals out of reach.
πŸŒ‘ The second mistake is thinking we can do it by ourselves. Even if it's a personal goal, you should always be dependant on others. This creates compassion. So much more can be accomplished when you support others and they support you. We're all on this planet together and it's blantantly obvious that acting in harmony is the only means to peace. Striving for nothing but personal gain will never make you happy. Don't be selfish. Don't be selfless. Work together. Find a fitness friend. Remind your mom how much the food she buys helps. Try finding acts of kindness you can repetatively do for others. You need to create the feeling of dependency for both of you. You'll feel happier to progress and make more progress. You'll have better trust and relationships. And you'll be creating a more compassionate world.
πŸŒ‘ I'm 23 and I live in NH. This isn't my personal blog. I take no credit for the pictures on my tumblr unless stated otherwise. If you have any problems with any of the pictures I post, send me a message and I'll remove them.

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